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 catalog numbernameCapacitySizeDescriptionDimensionsunitspriceQuantity on HandQuantityAdd to Cart
146933-1KIMBLE HIGH STRENGTH CENTRIFUGE TUBES,PL,15ML,PK/615 mLPlain Tube18 OD x 102 L mmPk/6
PK @ $79.68
146933-2KIMBLE HIGH STRENGTH CENTRIFUGE TUBES,PL,30ML PK/630 mLPlain Tube24 OD x 106 L mmPk/6
PK @ $137.16
146933-3KIM.HIGH STRENGTH CENTRIFUGE TUBES,SCREW,15ML PK/615 mL20-400 capScrew Thread18 OD x 102 L mmPk/6
PK @ $203.79
146933-4KIM.HIGH STRENGTH CENTRIFUGE TUBES,SCREW,30ML PK/630 mL24-400 capScrew Thread24 OD x 106 L mmPk/6
PK @ $206.66
146933-5RUBBER SLEEVE ADAPTER FOR 15ML,PK/2Rubber Sleeve Adapter, for 15 mlPk/2
PK @ $41.43
146933-6RUBBER SLEEVE ADAPTER FOR 30ML, PK/2Rubber Sleeve Adapter, for 30 mlPk/2
PK @ $47.86
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