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 catalog numbernameCapacitySizeStylepriceQuantity on HandQuantityAdd to Cart
118602-35HEATING MANTLE,REACTION,500ML500 mL3-3/4 in Flask DiameterMantle Depth:-1/2 in
EA @ $377.00
118602-36HEATING MANTLE, REACTION, 1L1000 mL4-1/4 in Flask DiameterMantle Depth:5-1/4 in
EA @ $396.00
118602-37HEATING MANTLE,REACTION,2L2000 mL5-1/2 in Flask DiameterMantle Depth:6 in
EA @ $408.00
118602-38HEATING MANTLE,REACTION,3L3000 mL5-1/2 in Flask DiameterMantle Depth:9 in
EA @ $438.00
118602-39HEATING MANTLE,REACTION,4L4000 mL5-1/2 in Flask DiameterMantle Depth:11 in
EA @ $444.00
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